About Cameron

Cameron Scott was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. At the age of 13, he was shooting short projects that he edited in iMovie. The enjoyment this created caused him to seek for something more; something better. By 17, he was enrolled in a high school summer camp program at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Here, he was exposed to Maya for the very first time. Immediately falling in love with the world of CG, Scott sought out to attend Gnomon as a full time student. One year following, he graduated from his high school and began taking classes at Gnomon as an extension student. After just 3 terms at Gnomon (about 7 months) he applied to become a full time student and was accepted. He is currently available for work! He sets out to become a Look Development Artist, as well as a Technical Director. He currently has his eyes on Walt Disney Animation Studios, but is open to whatever is thrown his way. Currently looking for any freelance gigs, below are the skillsets!


Cameron Scott